Fun attractions near the Icelandic Horse Park Fakasel

22 Apr Fun attractions near the Icelandic Horse Park Fakasel

The Icelandic Horse Park Fakasel is located about 45 km south of Reykjavík, right outside the town of Hveragerdi, with numerous of thrilling attractions close by. Now before we tell you all the details, let us first tell you what there is to do at the Icelandic Horse Park, before you head out on other exciting adventures.

Our horse park boosts a stunning horse theater that comes alive every day at 19:00 when our show The Legends of Sleipnir takes place. The show includes over 15 horses and 5-6 local actors that help portray the history of the Icelandic horse and its relationship with Icelanders throughout the centuries. To make it even more spectacular a 200 square meter screen is used to further enhance the audience experience with multimedia video and audio displays.

In addition to the show there is a local store at the Icelandic Horse Park selling Icelandic design and other exciting products that interest both travelers and locals alike. Those in the mood for delicious dishes will find something to please their taste buds at our in-house restaurant, open from 10:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

And last but not least, if you want to meet up with the Icelandic horse in person you can have a visit to our stables where a guide will walk you through our facilities where you will be introduced to the Icelandic breed and its surroundings.

Okay, now back to the point. When you’ve visited the Icelandic Horse Park Fakasel you will be able to find exciting attractions in every direction. Below we’ve put together a shortlist of some fun nearby places that we recommend you to visit during your travels.


Hveragerdi – geothermal park

Distance: 5 km

In only 5 minute driving distance from the Icelandic Horse Park is a small town called Hveragerdi. This peaceful and quiet town is surrounded by popular hiking trails and geothermal spots. Believe it or not when we tell you that in the center of town is a bubbling hot spring, enabling the town to grow beautiful flowers that make the town bloom during summertime. In town is a geothermal swimming pool and north of the town you will find hiking trails that lay in one of the country’s largest geothermal area, Hengill. In town you will find numerous of other activities and if you want to enjoy a horse riding tour around the area we recommend the hot spring riding and bathing tour.



Distance: 8 km

From the Icelandic Horse Park it will take you around 8-10 minutes to reach another neighboring town called Selfoss. The town has a population of 6.500 people and is the center of commerce and small industries in the west-south region. Several restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and hotels are to be found in Selfoss and it is a home to one of the largest colleges in the country. In early August, the town holds a festival called “Sumar á Selfossi”, meaning “Summer in Selfoss”. Local residents decorate their gardens with ribbons, coloured according to neighborhood, and a fete is held on the public grassland behind the civic library. The fete involves the selling of homemade goods on small stalls, performances by musicians and magicians on a temporary stage and much more.



Distance: 20 km

Another town close by is Stokkseyri, a small town with a population of 500 people. As you can imagine the town is quite small but there are still few interesting attractions to be found at Stokkseyri that make it worth the visit. The Icelandic Wonders museum is always a popular place to visit as it encompasses approcimately 1200 square meter space that is dedicated to Elves, Trolls and the northern lights. And in the same building you will also find the Ghost Center that features all of Iceland’s most famous ghosts with 1000 square meters devoted to the tales of Icelandic ghost stories. When you arrive, you will be handed an mp3 player that guides you through a ghost-maze where you will experience the ghost stories first hand, in a spooky environment true to the Icelandic tales. Go if you dare!

Another place to mention in Stokkseyri is Fjorubordid restaurant, famous for their tasty seafood dishes and lobster courses. Last but not least, The Knarraros lighthouse, which is a unique blend of functionalism and art novueau style, is located about 5 km away from town.


Laugarvatn Fontana

Distance: 40 km

Heading onwards from Eyrarbakki or Selfoss you will drive for around 20 minutes until you arrive at the town of Laugarvatn, a home of Laugarvatn Fontana, geothermal baths. Laugarvatn Fontana is a place where you go to relax and experience authentic Icelandic nature while relaxing in the warm geothermal pools and natural steam rooms. The baths vary in depth, size and temperature and the steam rooms that have been built over natural hot springs that have been used in that purpose since 1929. Fontana is located by a beautiful lake Laugarvatn and you can enjoy the spectacular views from the sauna or the pools.



Distance: 50 km

Not far from the Icelandic Horse Park, only 15 minutes’ drive from Laugarvatn, is the most visited attraction in Iceland; Thingvellir national Park. This historical site has been a rich part of Icelandic history with many significant events and happenings taking place there, making it a place of historical, cultural and geological importance. It is located in a rift valley which marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the longest mountain range in the world, which separates the Eurasian and North American plates. Thingvellir is famous for being the place where the Icelandic Parliament was established, in the year of 930 and it remained there until 1738. Today Thingvellir is a part of a World Heritage Site. While at Thingvellir, you can visit the nearby visitor center for more information on walking trails, things to see and do, scuba diving and much more.