Shows at the Icelandic Horse Park


Night at the Farm – Legends of Icelandic Culture

Every day at 19:00

Our evening show, Night at the Farm – Legends of Icelandic culture, employs large-scale multimedia and special effects to weave together history, old Norse mythology and exhibition riding to demonstrate the Icelandic horse’s beauty and uniqueness. The stage itself is the biggest in Iceland (1600 m2) and lit up with first-class theater lighting. The result is a magical experience that emphasizes the Icelandic horse’s special features and pays tribute to its historical relationship with humans throughout Iceland’s history.


Horse of Ice & Fire – Our Humble Companion

Available upon request for minimum of 10 persons

Horse of Ice & Fire – Our Humble Companion is a live demonstration that emphasizes the historical role of the Icelandic horse through the centuries. You will see herders riding where the horses play an integral part in the herders‘ labor. A truly beautiful interaction between horses and men which portrays a real friendship and trust. The show also emphasizes the unique features of the Icelandic horse and it‘s five gates through a powerful exhibition riding.  A large scale multi-media and special effects, along with original scores by an Icelandic composer, weave together a magical experience.


Surrounded by horses (15 min)

Upon request

An educational and thrilling experience. Guests are situated in the middle of our arena, with a security fence around them. A short educational introduction is put on our multimedia screen with some music in the darkened riding hall. Suddenly the horses come running into the arena and spread around the group of people. After the horses have calmed down, people can approach them, even go out of the fenced area and spend some time with this wonderful creatures.


I am Aurora – Multimedia experience

Upon request

I am Aurora literary takes you on a journey to the sun and back. Creative use of computer generated images, outer space images from the International space station and some of the most inspiring real-time, time-lapsed images ever shot in Iceland, make you fall in love with the Northern Lights. This perfectly produced multi-media show is a great way to gain a complete understanding of the natural phenomenal referred to as the Northern Lights.


Iceland’s only horse

Upon request for minimum of 30 people

Did you know that there is only one breed of horse in Iceland and it is the purest breed in the world? In this 25-30 minutes live performance you will get a chance to see some of our professional riders demonstrate the Icelandic horse, while explaining what makes it so unique. We will demonstrate and explain to you all the gaits and in the end you will meet up with the horses and riders where you can ask all the questions you want.